Lifetime Bonus: Terms and Conditions

  • The Lifetime Bonus offer applies to any transfers of $50,000 or more from the Lifetime Master Trust to Lifetime Retirement Income.
  • You are eligible to transfer if your investment is held in the Deferred section of the Lifetime Master Trust Scheme, or you are retiring from your employer and thus leaving the Plan your investment is held within.
  • Transfer Forms, along with supporting documents, must be received by Lifetime Asset Management no later than 31 January 2024.
  • The Lifetime Bonus will be paid once the approved investment transfer is completed. 
  • The Lifetime Bonus can not be applied for in conjunction with any other Lifetime Asset Management promotions.
  • To transfer to the Lifetime Retirement Income Fund you must have read the current Product Disclosure Statement (Click to View) completed the transfer form (Transfer Form), provide all associated documentation (Proof of Address, Proof of ID and Proof of Bank Account) and be accepted by Lifetime Asset Management.
  • You can invest in Lifetime Retirement Income Fund at any age. 
  • You can choose to start receiving your Retirement Income from the Lifetime Retirement Income Fund (either fortnightly or 4-weekly) at any time after you are aged 65 and over (or at an age younger if we expressly agree this with you).
  • The value of the Lifetime Bonus will be based on the amount of investment, $50,000 or more, an investor transfers by 31 January 2024.
  • The Lifetime Bonus is a one-off payment.
    Transfer from the Lifetime Master Trust must be made into the Lifetime Retirement Income Fund (LRIF).
  • The applicable Lifetime Bonus amount will be added to the investor’s Lifetime Retirement Income Fund account balance or investors may choose to receive the Lifetime Bonus as a Visa Prezzy Card instead, delivered to the investor via post.
  • The Lifetime Bonus offer is subject to a minimum investment period of three years beginning 31 January 2024. If an investor withdraws their entire account balance prior to 31 January 2027, the value of the Lifetime Bonus will be deducted from the withdrawal amount. Partial withdrawals will be pro-rated. For example, an investor who invests $100,000 and receives a Lifetime Bonus of $400 who then decides to withdraw $50,000 (half their original investment) after one year would receive $50,000 less $200 (equating to half the Lifetime Bonus payment). Regular income payments are not subject to the minimum investment period.
  • Lifetime Asset Management Limited reserves the right to amend, vary, extend or discontinue the Lifetime Bonus at any stage, for any reason.