Conversations to prepare you for retirement


Welcome to our exclusive webinar series on retirement and retirement planning, featuring renowned experts in the field: Liz Koh, Martin Hawes, Ralph Stewart, and Chelsea Devlin.


Preparing for retirement is a significant milestone in everyone's life, and it requires careful consideration, strategic decision-making, and expert guidance. Whether you're just starting to think about retirement or are already in the midst of planning, our webinars provide invaluable insights, practical advice, and actionable steps to help you navigate this important phase with confidence and peace of mind.


Our Speakers


Martin Hawes


Liz Koh

Money expert specializing in retirement planning

Ralph Stewart

Managing Director and Founder of Lifetime

Chelsea Devlin

Chief Marketing Officer




Explore Our Webinars

Episode 16. Plan your legacy while you’re willing and able

Join Martin Hawes for an honest conversation about how he planned his legacy, and how you can plan yours.



Episode 15. Ease Your Retirement Anxiety

Liz Koh and Martin Hawes delve into the apprehensions that people have about retirement and discuss why many New Zealanders are too anxious to retire at 65.



Episode 14. Banking Failures. Should we be worried?

Join Martin Hawes and Liz Koh, as they discuss the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and analyse the potential impact on the New Zealand economy.



Episode 13: What does the housing crash mean for retirees?

Join Martin Hawes and Liz Koh, as they delve into the current state of the housing market, analyse the impact of interest rates and share their insights on what we can expect in the coming year.



Episode 12: Are we heading into a recession?

Join Liz Koh and Ralph Stewart in our latest Webinar as they discuss the likelihood of a recession and what it may mean for you.



Episode 11. Keep Calm and Carry on in Retirement

Join Liz Koh and Ralph Stewart as they talk about retirement spending in volatile markets.



Episode 10. Retirement Planning with Liz Koh and Cynthia Munro

Chelsea Devlin is joined by Liz Koh and Cynthia Munro as they discuss retirement planning.


Episode 9. Cracking Open the Retirement Nest Egg

Hosted by Chelsea Devlin, Martin Hawes and Ralph Stewart discuss how to make your retirement savings last the distance.



Episode 8. Lifetime Webinar - Christmas Edition

Partake in an insightful session with Dame Diana Crossan, Martin Hawes, Liz Koh, and Ralph Stewart as they reflect upon the past 18 months, deliberate on market fluctuations, and anticipate the future.




Episode 7. Special Guest Retirement Commissioner Jane Wrightson

Join your host Ralph Stewart, as he talks to Retirement Commissioner Jane Wrightson about the retirement commission, how it benefits retirees and the challenges they are seek to solve for retirees.



Episode 6: Family Trusts, Wills and Estates

A Webinar full of good advice from planning to reviewing how you will give.



Episode 5: Investing in a World of Threat and Opportunity

Martin Hawes and Liz Koh talk about how to manage the investing environment we face.



Episode 4: Inflation and Retirement

Cameron Bagrie discusses the impact of inflation on those in retirement with Ralph Stewart.



Episode 3. Let Talk Managed Funds

We ask how do you compare Managed Funds?



Episode 2. Ask Martin Hawes and Liz Koh

Liz Koh and Martin Hawes are back with another informative session, addressing a fresh set of excellent inquiries.



Episode 1. Ask Martin Hawes and Liz Koh

Get a cup of tea and join Martin Hawes and Liz Koh, as they answer the questions on retiree's minds.